The mission of the Birth Coach Method is to integrate the coaching principles, tools and strategies, into the field of childbirth support. The Birth Coach Method is a professional development for all birth professionals seeking to lead women towards their desired birth experience, and to promote a healthier concept of childbirth in our society. We believe that by integrating coaching into birth support, we now have the chance to create a much needed change in maternal care – to provide a patient/client-centered maternal care. This type of care entails active listening, facilitating clarity about the clients’ belief system about childbirth in general, and about their wishes and goals for their birth, as well as an inquiry and guidance about the actions they take towards achieving them. By integrating the coaching principles and strategies into your practice, you are in a position to align your clients’ beliefs, knowledge and goals with the actions they take, and elicit their accountability for their process.  In addition, the process of coaching for childbirth involves helping your clients to distinguish truth from myths and fears from reality about childbirth, and empowering them to be at choice. The Birth Coach Method’s way elicits care giving based on mutual respect, mutual trust and satisfying relationships and performances  of all parties involved – the birthing mother and any of her caregiver. 
Announcing my new book: The Art of Coaching for Childbirth, Integrating the Coaching Principles into the Field of Birth Support. The  first coaching guide for birth professionals presenting a wealth of coaching questions and exercises ready for you to practice with! Read the reviews here 


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Five Best Coaching Tools to Lead Birthing Moms to a Healthy and Active Birth.


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