Birth Coach Method Doula Training Program

Birth Coach Method doula training is creating and promoting a paradigm shift in the doula practice. This unique and comprehensive doula training program was created and founded by Neri L. Choma, MA, CBD, CBE, CHT, and Life Coach, with the goal of training birth doulas as birth coaches; with coaching tools and leadership skills.

In addition to the theoretical knowledge and the hands-on labor support tools and comfort measures which all birth doulas are trained with, our doula training  program will teach you to provide your birth clients with prenatal coaching sessions for empowerment and clarity, and for training and preparing the body and the mind for the strains of labor and delivery.

Here are some of the goals and roles of conducting prenatal coaching sessions with your birth clients:

  • Facilitate clarity about the client’s goals and wishes for her birth and her motivation.
  • Distinguish  fears from reality and truth from myth about birth in order to help your clients from a positive concept of childbirth, which will be aligned with their wishes.
  • Provide on-going opportunities to practice labor support tools and comfort measures like breathing techniques, visualization, relaxation,  affirmations and positioning.
  • Address personal circumstances, fears, hurdles and concerns of the client and her partner.
  • Explore and open new options by providing evidence based resources and information.
  • Empower the clients to make informed decisions and to communicate their needs and expectations with the medical staff , prenatally and in L&D.
  • Facilitate a mental alignment between your client’s goals and wishes, her belief system around childbirth, and her actions.
  • Leading your birth clients to demonstrate accountability for their birth experience by assigning areas of practice.
  • Facilitate teamwork and open communication with the medical staff in labor and delivery .
  • Conduct postpartum coaching sessions with the goal of facilitating a healthy closure.

Birth Coach  On-line doula training program certifies birth doulas as coaches with leadership skills and coaching tools. Following the prenatal sessions, Birth Coach doulas will continue to coach the birthing mother during labor and birth; they will provide physical and emotional support, will be a resource of evidenced-based information for the birthing mom and her family, and will utilize the understandings and trust which was established through the prenatal sessions in order to lead the mother to fulfill her desired birth experiences.

  • 15 audiovisual class presentations – to see the full list of classes, please click here.
  • Group and personal coaching via phone calls and webinars
  • Video segments for practicing the hands-on techniques
  • A wealth of YouTube clips and other educational materials
  • A supervision process in your area. (Please scroll down to read more)
  • Six months access to the training program; all the classes, videos and coaching sessions,  after registration.

Click here to watch the introductory video series.

Class Topics

Once you join us and sign up for our on-line training program, you will get access to our membership site where the program classes are hosted.  All of our 15 classes are audiovisual presentations in different topics. Here is the full class list:

(For classes full description click here)

  1. Physiology and anatomy of birth
  2. Prenatal care and possible complications
  3. Stages and Phases of labor
  4. Early phase of labor– theory and practice
  5. Active phases of labor – theory and practice
  6. Transition phase of labor – theory and practice
  7. Second stage of birth – theory and practice
  8. Common medical interventions in labor 1
  9. Common medical interventions in labor 2
  10. Fear, pain and the medicalization of birth – historical and spiritual perception
  11. Relationship in labor and delivery
  12. The baby in birth and throughout the postnatal period
  13. The mother in postpartum period
  14. Breastfeeding basics
  15. Establishing the birth coach practice

Learn in the Comfort of Your Home and in Your Own Pace

We grant you access to these 15 classes for 6 full months! This will allow you to study in your own pace, in the comfort of your home and in accordance with your own schedule, while you acquire a new profession. Neri Life-Choma will coach you personally throughout  your studying experience.

Our Group Coaching Webinars

On top of these recorded presentations, you will get access to group coaching sessions via webinars. This platform will be used for asking questions, group discussion and analyzing case studies while focusing on both knowledge and coaching tools. If you missed one of our scheduled webinars- no worries, they are recorded for you, and we will send you a link. We thought about every single way we can possibly help you in becoming a great birth doula and coach.

More Resources to Enhance Your Studying Process

  • YouTube clips and other educational materials for visual understanding of the topics
  • Video segments demonstrating the hands-on work with birth clients. These videos demonstrate positions, breathing techniques, massage techniques, visualization, relaxation, and many other tools which you can practice by following the videos until you feel you own these tools.
  • Our coaching program model includes supervision. Because we believe in coaching you to become a great coach! Our staff will make contact with birth providers in your living area to match you up with them for the purpose of supervision, as well as for matching you up with your three no-cost births clients. As part of your supervision we will read your  birth reports and give you feedback. As soon as you are ready to go out for birth, we will email you more information regarding your supervision process.

Birth Coach Doula Certification

Your Birth Coach Doula Certification is highly important. You have invested your time and energy in completing all the requirements of Birth Coach Doula training and we would like to honor you with our Doula certification. The Doula certification will state that you have completed all the requirements of our program, including the supervision process that is unique to our program, and that you are now certified as a Birth Coach Doula. In addition to the Doula certification, we will add you to the online list of our certified Birth Coaches. Some of your clients will ask to see your certification; when they do, we encourage you to take the opportunity to share the comprehensive and unique training program you went through, and refer them to our website.

In the current situation there is  no licensing process for doulas, and this is true all over the world. With no such process, what defines you as a professional in the field is really the quality  of the training program you went through; how comprehensive it was, the knowledge it provided you with, the length and depth of your studies, and the skills and tools you have acquired.  As a certified Birth Coach Doula, you have a lot to be proud of and to share with your clients.

Supervision Process:

Birth Coach Method staff is committed to facilitating the supervision process of our students because we believe in its importance.

During your learning process, we will encourage you to search for local birth professionals in your area; Google search childbirth educators, birth resource centers, birth doulas, and most of all midwives. Midwives love to have the assistance of doulas-in-training that can support their clients for no- cost.  After you have a list of local providers and centers, choose those you desire to work with during the supervision process and email us the list. We will issue a formal email from Birth Coach Method saying that one of our students is interested in their support for her supervision process. We will cc you to this email and assist you in making contact. Then, you will be working with them.

We want to build your confidence in your abilities to coach for birth; therefore, we prefer that you work with your client by yourself right from the beginning. Trust us – after studying the Birth Coach Training program in depth, you will feel ready!  You will meet with your birth client and only you will join her for the birth, but you will be guided by your supervisor:

  • After every meeting with your client, you will fill out a report, which will include a summary of the meeting, areas that you feel you have contributed in, areas of challenge, and any questions you have. Your supervisor will review it and give you feedback.
  • Your supervisor can advise you ahead of time if you are challenged before your next meeting or even if you are asked a question via email/phone, and you are not sure how to answer it or how to coach your client.
  • During your client’s birth, your supervisor will be available for your questions via texting or phone call – in case you need any advice.
  • After the birth, you will fill out a birth report and review it with your supervisor.

Some supervisors will teach for free, ‘each one teach one’, and some will ask to be paid. This is between you and your supervisor only.

You are required to attend three no-cost births, and the local providers will help you to find your clients. Only two of the births require supervision.

You will begin your supervision process as soon as you complete the lessons and reading, and you feel ready to take on a birth client.  The sooner you jump into the water the better!  We encourage you to be done with all your certification requirements, including the supervision, within a year after signing onto our program.


Certification requirements:

In order to be certified as a birth coach you are required to:

–  Complete all the 15 audiovisual classes and the studying materials attached to each class.

– Complete the reading list and become familiar with the resources on the program’s resource guide.

– Actively participate in Birth Coach Method webinars and group study.

– Attend three no cost births and receiving supervision for two of them.

– Submit a full report of two of the three no cost births you have attended.

– Attend one childbirth education series and one breastfeeding class as a listener.

– Pass the final exam- the exam consists of a birth story which you will analyze as a case study, and a terminology quiz.


Birth Coach Doula Certification





 Please note: You’ll have 6 months access to the training program; all the classes, videos and coaching sessions,  after registration. 

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