Why Are Birth Doulas So Darn Picky?

It is my understanding that by being choosy about clients and committing to those who demonstrate the highest level of commitment to physiological and unmedicated childbirth, who are also most likely to choose a like minded caregiver, doulas try to protect themselves- their souls and their hearts.   During the holiday season, I attended a […]

Our New Partnership Opportunity; Become a BCM trainer!

At Birth Coach Method, our mission is to empower expectant parents and the professionals who provide them with care throughout their pregnancy and birth.  Now it’s time for us to team with providers with the same passions, so we can increase the percentage of healthy births and happy mothers worldwide! We are teaming up with experienced […]

Integrating Group Coaching into Birth Education

Curing the Dramatic Drop in Childbirth Education Attendance  We had some an amazing turnout for our first webinar tailored for childbirth educators ! This webinar is Approved for CE credit by ICEA and Lamaze International                            Buy Here    This Free Webinar Will Show […]

Coaching is Advocating for Patient-Centered Care

Resolving the Advocacy Dilemma in the Doula Practice This webinar first aired as a New Year Resolution for birth doulas. Join the growing community of doulas who already integrate coaching into their practice, and feel the difference; it will empower you and your clients!  You can now purchase it Here for only $9.99, and we […]

Who is the Birth Expert Here?

This New Method Will Make You Give-Up Your ‘Expert Position’ and Hand it to Your Birth Client.   Do you consider yourself an expert in ‘how to give birth’? If you are a childbirth educator, a birth doula, a midwife or a labor and delivery medical staff member, I’m almost certain that there is a […]

Are your clients hiring you to avoid a cesarean?

No, there is nothing wrong about it from their end, but how do you feel about it? Are you at risk for a professional burnout?   A couple of days ago I had a beautiful mentoring session with two local doulas; we will call them Iris and Lily.  We were going over some challenging cases […]

A New Guide from Birth Coach Method!

The Art of Coaching for Childbirth Integrating the Principles of Coaching into the Field of Birth Support Scroll down for the reviews   The Art of Coaching for Childbirth is a practical guide inspiring and leading every professional in the field of birth support to integrate the coaching tools and strategies into their practice.  From one blog […]

Coaching for Building the Best Support Group for the Birth

First published in Nov. 2016 as a free webinar celebrating the release of : The Art of Coaching for Childbirth Integrating the coaching principles into the field of birth support.  To listen to this webinar please buy it here, and we will send you the password and the downloadable PPT.    

Six Habits of Thinking that can Sabotage Your Client’s Birth

For the past six years, I have practiced prenatal coaching with my birth clients. By incorporating between four to six prenatal coaching sessions into my doula practice I was able to identify six habits of thinking, or repeating themes, which could harm your clients’ birth experiences. Whether they are aware of these thinking habits or not, […]

Evidence in Support of Coaching for Childbirth; Reporting from the Field

  There is a buzz!!! “Coaching for childbirth is what everybody is talking about,” I was told a couple of weeks ago, when Betsy Schwartz invited me to co-host Birth Blab, and the Birth Lady,  Michal Klau-Stevens Joined us.  The raw and intuitive concept of coaching for childbirth, which I began developing two years ago, […]