“Your Referrals and Support Would Be the Most Beautiful Holiday Gifts”, Said Every Business Owner in History.

Back in August, when Birth Coach Method sent out our subscribers’ survey, asking how we can best support you in your career, so many of you wished to network with other doulas and to have more clients. Everyone wanted to connect with other business owners and thrive. I knew right then that this will be […]

The Birth Plan from a Coaching Perspective

It’s a strategy, not the end goal!   When birth workers, such as doulas and childbirth educators, first envisioned the birth plan in the eighties, the main idea was to help expectant parents prepare for the physical and emotional aspects of the birth process, explore how they want various situations handled during their actual birth, and […]

Your Client Chose A Hospital-Based Birth: Now What?

Whether you are a childbirth educator or a birth doula, you know that most expectant couples you’ll teach and support plan a hospital-based birth. The statistic is that out-of-hospital births are less than 5% of all births. I trust you to be deeply invested in your clients’ well being as they prepare for their nearing […]

Distinguishing Truth from Myth and Fears from Reality about Labor Pain

As I was looking for more studies about the drastic increase in birthing mothers who get an epidural for childbirth, I found the following research, published by Stanford medicine, titled: Study shows women prefer less-intense pain at the cost of a prolonged labor. Here is what the researchers did: ”For the study, Carvalho and his […]

Mothers; May the Force Be With You!

A Birth Worker’s Reflection on Mother’s Day On May 4th, while volunteering at my daughter’s school, I noticed many teachers wearing Star Wars T-shirts. Being foreign to both the American culture and to the Star Wars fan club, I failed to detect the meaning behind this collective fashion decision of the teachers. But later that […]

Why Are Birth Doulas So Darn Picky?

It is my understanding that by being choosy about clients and committing to those who demonstrate the highest level of commitment to physiological and unmedicated childbirth, who are also most likely to choose a like minded caregiver, doulas try to protect themselves- their souls and their hearts.   During the holiday season, I attended a […]

Our New Partnership Opportunity; Become a BCM trainer!

At Birth Coach Method, our mission is to empower expectant parents and the professionals who provide them with care throughout their pregnancy and birth.  Now it’s time for us to team with providers with the same passions, so we can increase the percentage of healthy births and happy mothers worldwide! We are teaming up with experienced […]

Integrating Group Coaching into Birth Education

Curing the Dramatic Drop in Childbirth Education Attendance  Recent studies found a dramatic drop in childbirth education attendance. Taking that the new consumers of childbirth education are millennials, it is not surprising. Millenials were born into the era of online information, and they are consuming knowledge on Google, Facebook, and Youtube.  Integrating coaching principles and strategies […]

Resolving the Advocacy Dilemma in the Doula Practice

The advocacy dilemma in the field of childbirth support is a tough one to crack. The dilemma lies in the tension between certain components of birth support practice, such as serving and supporting, and other components such as being a change agent in our society and a birth activist.  Relying on coaching principles and strategies […]

Who is the Birth Expert Here?

This New Method Will Make You Give-Up Your ‘Expert Position’ and Hand it to Your Birth Client.   Do you consider yourself an expert in ‘how to give birth’? If you are a childbirth educator, a birth doula, a midwife or a labor and delivery medical staff member, I’m almost certain that there is a […]