Our New Partnership Opportunity; Become a BCM trainer!

At Birth Coach Method, our mission is to empower expectant parents and the professionals who provide them with care throughout their pregnancy and birth.  Now it’s time for us to team with providers with the same passions, so we can increase the percentage of healthy births and happy mothers worldwide!

We are teaming up with experienced birth support figures who support the Birth Coach Method (BCM) mission and want to use this opportunity to improve their birth coaching skills, attract clients, and gain recognition as a leader in the doula community. As a new Birth Coach Method Program Instructor, you will receive thorough training and all the online resources necessary to teach the BCM Doula Training Program.

The first virtual class forvirtual classroom

Birth Coach Method trainers  

opens March 20th, 2018


BCM Supports our Program Instructors!

Instructors will receive the following:

  1. Access to the BCM online program with 30 hours of tele-class guidance on how to create and lead your own training programs.  
  2. All necessary class materials to share with your students, such as handouts and PowerPoints presentations, as well as educational materials needed to lead the workshop,  charts, and props lists. 
  3. Optional models of supervision and hands-on practice for the students, including the information needed to establish working relationships with local practitioners.
  4. Samples and instructions for creating a final exam.  
  5. Spreadsheets to follow up on student payment and requirements etc.
  6. Information about advertising and enrolling students in doula training workshops.


Are You Up for the Task?

We need instructors who demonstrate good communication and leadership skills in order to establish relationships with local practitioners and with your students.

We are teaming with birth support figures whose philosophy matches BCM and:

  • Are thoroughly familiar with BCM online training program(s).
  • Knowledgeable birth doulas with at least 8 years of experience as a birth support figure with attendance of at least 2 births a month throughout the years.
  • Teach at least one doula training workshop per year.
  • Attend minimum of 15 CEUs a year via webinars or _____.
  • Possess the following educational materials and demo equipment: Childbirth Graphics Charts, pelvis, baby doll, placenta, cord and uterus, as well as practicing props like physio balls, peanut balls, and massage balls. We will be sure to provide you with the full list of educational props needed to enhance your students’ learning experience. 

Ready to Enroll?

Please submit an application and CV. If it is a good fit, we will contact you to conduct a phone interview. Once approved, you will be given a week of access to the program’s online lessons for a deposit fee of $179. The $179 which were already paid will be deducted from the student’s enrollment fee of $680.  

Submit your application 


You’re a BCM Program Instructor! Now what?

  1. Share your workshop  dates, times, and location with BCM.  
  2. Create a website/landing page and advertise your training workshops locally.
  3. Collect tuition of $780 per student – BCM is open to adjustment of tuition in accordance with local fees.
  4. Pay BCM a percentage of 30% of each student’s tuition for the first 15 students per year. For every additional student you enroll per year, BCM will reduce the percentage to 20% per student.
  5. After you pay the BCM fee, our admin will send each enrolled student a personal link to create her username and password on the member’s website and begin the online portion of the training.
  6. Instruct according to BCM standards (20-hour contact workshops, continuous supervision and progress-tracking, and hosted final exams).