Workshop Announcement

Birth Coach Method is excited to announce a live workshop   

The Art of Coaching for Childbirth 

Integrating the Principles and Strategies of Coaching into the Field of Birth Support

(Accredited for DONA International and ICEA  CEUs)

Whether you are a birth or postpartum doula, or a childbirth educator looking to provide in-person coaching sessions to your birth students, this one day workshop  opens a new pathway to childbirth support: Integrating the coaching principles and strategies coaches us in other coaching fields.  This is how you step into a leadership position in your field


Learn How to:

  • Practice from a coach position rather than the expert position, and inspire your client to be the expert in her own life.
  • Conduct Prenatal Coaching Sessions to gain clarity about your client’s wishes and vision for her birth, her motivation, her abilities and strengths, her fears and challenges, as well as her belief system around childbirth, in order to lead her to her desired birth experience.
  • Distinguish truth from myth and fears from reality prenatally and reduce your client’s fears. Raise your client’s confidence  confidence as you lead her to adopt new ways of thinking and new skills that will serve her.
  • Utilize what you created during the prenatal coaching in order to lead your client to progress faster in her birth.
  • Instill accountability of your clients to their process, detached from judgement and the unfolding of their childbirth. 
  • Coach your clients around medical complications and interventions; resolve the advocacy dilemma by learning to work with strong leading questions that evoke awareness, and lead your clients to take the decisions that are right for them.
  • Facilitate teamwork with the medical staff in L&D by using coaching strategies and techniques that foster good communication and relationship.

    A dynamic & eye-opening  workshop that will leverage your Practice!

    Attending the Workshop includes a copy of my book and one free webinar

    7.5  DONAS CEUs

Please contact me for more information and to bring this workshop to your area: