A Jump-Start into Coaching for Childbirth

$129.90 (tax incl.)

 Our programs are approved CEUs by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN)

This package is designed to give you the best jump-start into coaching for childbirth. By studying all the materials below you will learn the basics of the Birth Coach Method and how to integrate and apply the principles and strategies of coaching into your birth practice. The coaching for childbirth approach is a beneficial professional development for all birth doulas and childbirth educators, as well as for labor and delivery nurses who are interested in continuing education units in their field.  The coaching practice is the pathway to client-centered relationships, and as such, it can be integrated into the field of childbirth support as a pathway to patient-centered care.

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The package consists of: 

  1. A copy of the printed guide The Art of Coaching for Childbirth ($20.99)
  2. All our webinars ($70.90)
  3. The Coaching Tools Kit for Birth Professionals, a 7 modules  online course ($89)

One more perk you’ll receive when buying this package:

Since I value your sincere commitment to integrate coaching into birth support, I will invite you to join a closed Facebook coaching group where everyone gets to learn together and improve in their coaching skills practice with my leadership. 


What can you expect to learn?

  1.  To establish client-centered relationships with your birth clients.
  2.  To practice from curiosity and ask strong search questions that can help your clients adopt a better perspective.
  3.  To listen and clarify your clients’ belief system and goals for their birth experience.
  4.  To distinguish truth from myths and fears from reality about childbirth in order to help your client form a better concept of childbirth, that is more aligned with their wishes.
  5.  To provide your birth clients with tools that will allow them to make informed decisions and advocate for themselves throughout the whole experience.
  6.  To design areas of practice for your clients which will bring them closer to achieving their desired birth experience.
  7. To align your clients’ beliefs, wishes and actions, in order for them to achieve their goals.
  8.  To elicit your client’s accountability for their birth process, without being attached to specific outcomes (because we all know childbirth is unpredictable).
  9.  To facilitate flexibility and acceptance when these are needed.
  10. To let go of your expert position and see the women as experts in their own lives.

This package will provide you with the theory and principles of coaching in general, and with the integration of the coaching skills and strategies in the field of childbirth support with exercises and strategies developed by Neri Life-Choma, Birth Coach Method’s founder.