$9.95 (tax incl.)

DELIVER! A Concise Guide to Helping the Woman You Love Through Labor

Authored by Julie Dubrouillet, Simon Firth

If you’ll be supporting a woman as she gives birth, you’ll need to read “Deliver! A Concise Guide To Helping The Woman You Love Through Labor.” It’s a compact, straight-talking field guide that takes you through the various stages of labor and birth, clearly explaining what a woman is experiencing and — most importantly — suggesting the many ways in which her birth partner can help. The book is written primarily for dads-to-be. They can help make a birth a wonderfully positive event for the mother of their child; an experience that will build on, and strengthen, the love and trust that’s at the heart their relationship. But Deliver! will help sisters, girlfriends, guy friends, and even granddads and grandmoms who are attending a birth and all of whom can make for wonderful birth partners. Moms-to-be, if you’d like your partner to read just one book before your baby is born, this is the one to give him — and the one he’ll actually finish!