Labor support and coaching for the Second Stage of Birth

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This is the last lesson in our hands-on series, and it is dedicated to  supporting birthing mothers through the second stage of birth – the delivery of the baby and the placenta. This phase is probably what gave labor its name- this is hard work for both mother and baby. By coaching the mother prior to the birth or during this phase,  you can make a huge difference: change of positions can invite a progress and make this phase a lot shorter. In addition, by being mindful and accountable about the mom’s perineum,  you can coach the mother on fears she might have about keeping her perineum intact, and help her accomplish this goal in her birth.  You can also inspire the whole medical team by creating a warm, quiet, and tranquil atmosphere when welcoming the baby to the world. Due to the intense physiological changes that both the mother and the baby go through during this phase, it is considered urgent by the medical staff, and they usually focus mostly on the medical aspects of the delivery.  This means that the birth doula, or coach, is the only one who will  focus on the quality of the experience of both he mother and her partner.

Here are the topics that this class is covering:

  1. When should your client begin pushing?
  2. How to push without pushing? (Breath work  and release of the pelvic floor muscle while pushing).
  3. Positions for the second stage of birth; when and why is it important to change position?
  4. The role of the birth coach in second stage.
  5. What can you do in order to protect your client’s perineum?
  6. Perineal massage- when and how?.
  7. The birth of the placenta and everything related to it- placenta encapsulations and more.


Please note: You’ll have 6 weeks access to the class after registration.