Establishing Your Birth Doula Practice

$20.00 (tax incl.)

Congratulations! You are done with your doula training. Establishing your birth doula practice is your next step.  We found that just as much as our students are excited and passionate about birth and supporting birthing mothers, they are intimidated by the business aspects of becoming a successful doula. We think that you deserve to be a doula in business and have a successful and fulfilling career as a doula. We designed this class in order to help you become a birth professional in the business.

Here is what you can expect to learn:

  1. How to network?
  2. How to get a presence on social media?
  3. How to create your elevator pitch and your marketing materials?
  4. How to find potential clients and turn them into paying clients?
  5. How to make your paying clients into referees.
  6. How to create your contract?
  7. How to decide on a fee structure?
  8. How to find a suitable back-up and establish your working relationships with her.
  9. Liability insurance, continuous education,  and a lot more.

We want to see you becoming a doula in business, and we are committed to your success!

Please note: You’ll have 6 weeks access to the class after registration.