Coaching Your Birth Client through the Dilemma of Epidural- Webinar for Birth Doulas

$9.99 (tax incl.)

This one hour webinar first aired in celebration of World Doula Week, March 2015.  In light of the high percentage of birthing moms who ends up using epidural in childbirth, it is time we learn to conduct the epidural coaching conversation. This conversation should take place prenatally, in order to facilitate clarity around the dilemma of epidural.  It is also important for every birth doula or coach to know how to coach her clients through moments of doubt and crisis in order to to avoid epidural during birth.

Here is what you can expect to learn:

  1. How to find the opening for the epidural conversation during the prenatal process.
  2. How to lead your client with questions toward clarity about her options, and the motivation to her decisions regarding pain medications and taking epidural.
  3. How to lead your client to progress in a timely manner throughout her birth, and overcome moments of doubt and crisis.
  4. How to support your client’s progress after the administration of epidural.
  5. How to facilitate flexibility and acceptance in the postpartum visit, in order for the mother to be in peace with her decision to get he relief she needed during her birth.

In addition to the information regarding epidural, you will learn basic terminology and principles of coaching, which you can integrate in your practice.

The webinar is an audio-visual presentation accompanied with a PDF document to enhance your learning.

“I absolutely LOVED your “Epidural” webinar!  Thank you, very much!  There were amazing tips I’ll want to use… Half of my clients had epidurals, and I’m afraid that I didn’t do everything for them that I could have.  After the epidurals were administered, I wasn’t much use to them, and I think my closure visits were weak.  At any rate:  THANK YOU, VERY MUCH!  In the doula spirit, Britt Hatch.

Please note – You’ll have 6 weeks access to the program after registration.