Physiology and Anatomy of Birth for Birth Doulas and Childbirth Educators

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Do you know what triggers birth to begin? What is the chain of commands that takes place in our brain, or our hormonal system, and how this chain of commands initiates birth and creates progress?  As a birth doula and coach you want to understand the physiology of birth and to be able to explain it to your clients. Many moms are more likely to learn and practice labor support tools when they understand how these are related to the physiology of birth, and support their birth progress. Understanding our emotional and physiological reaction to fear and pain, known as the Fear-Tension-Pain reaction, will assist you in coaching your clients to break through the FTP syndrome that leads to FTP of another kind- Failure to Progress. When we designed this lesson we focused on the doula’s role in regards to the physiology and anatomy of birth. Breathing techniques, positioning, massaging, hydrotherapy and other labor support tools, all of them mean nothing to your client unless you tie them to the physiology and anatomy of birth, and to labor progress. 

Here is what you will learn in this lesson:

  1. The physiology of childbirth; the hypothalamus gland, the pituitary gland, the primitive brain, oxytocin.
  2. The anatomy of childbirth: the pelvis, the changes in the cervix, dilation, effacement, stations, rotation, positions and presentations.
  3. The fear-pain-tension syndrome; the relationships between the thinking brain and the primitive brain, Adrenalin and Oxytocin.
  4. How to explain the relationships between labor progress and the practice of labor support tools.

Please note: You’ll have 6 weeks access to the class after registration.