The Baby During Birth and in the Postnatal Period for Birth Doulas

$20.00 (tax incl.)

Understanding what happen to the baby during birth and in the postnatal period will help you provide better support to the birthing mother and her family. Parents  have concerns for their baby’s health, and when there is a deviation from their birth plan due to the condition of the baby, they will need your support and informative explanations. With this knowledge you will be able to be a resource and coach your clients around decisions that have to do with their newborn, to explain moments of emergency that might show up with the arrival of the baby in labor and delivery, and to take care of their baby in the first few days after the birth. The first few days after birth, when the mom and the baby are being sent home, could be an overwhelming experience to the parents. Even when they have family support, they might still tend to rely more on their birth coach as a resource of information.

In this class you will learn about:

  1. Fetus senses.
  2. Fetus emotional reactions.
  3. Transitioning from water to air; Ductus arteriorus, changes in temperature, and more.
  4. Assessing the baby’s health ; APGAR score.
  5. The baby’s reflexes.
  6. The baby’s appearance.
  7. Procedures in the nursery.
  8. The dilemma of vaccines.

Please note: You’ll have 6 weeks access to the class after registration.