Birth Coach Doula Training Program

The Birth Coach Method is a paradigm shift in the doula practice. This unique and comprehensive doula training program was created by Neri L. Choma, MA, CBD, CBE, CHT, and Life Coach, with the goal of training birth doulas as birth coaches, with coaching tools and leadership skills.

The Program enables Birth Coach doulas to learn and provide their birth clients with prenatal coaching sessions with the following goals:

doula training program

  • Gain clarity about your clients’ belief system around birth, her goals and her needs, as well as her motivation.
  • Reduce client’s fears and help her form a positive and healthy concept of childbirth.
  • Become a resource of information, and help distinguish fears from reality and truth from myth.
  • Encourage and facilitate the continuous practice of labor support tools like relaxation, affirmations, breathing techniques, positioning and visualization, during the prenatal period.
  • Empower birthing moms to expect evidence-based and patient-centered care which will allow them to take decisions that are right for them and are aligned with their belief system.

Following the prenatal sessions, the birth coach doula will continue to coach her client during labor and birth; she will provide physiological and emotional support, will be a resource of evidenced-based information for the birthing mom and her family, and will support the mother with comfort measures for labor and birth.

In order to achieve these goals we created a thorough program which consists of fifteen audio-visual classes, a wealth of resources – articles, books and video clips, coaching sessions through seminars and coaching sessions in person and in group setting. The Birth Coach Method doula training is also the only one to  provide students with a supervision process. Upon completion of all the requirements you will be certified as a birth Coach doula.

The online program is allowing women who would like to pursuit this new career path and become birth coaches to study in the comfort of their home and in accordance with their schedule. The classes are presented with great balance between theory and practical tools and skills, and the coaching sessions are a great platform for Q & A, analyzing case studies and group discussions. They also give your mentor a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate and model the coaching skills.

Here are the topics of the Birth Coach Method fifteen classes:

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Program classes:

  1. Physiology and anatomy of birth
  2. Prenatal care and possible complications
  3. Stages and Phases of labor
  4. Early phase of labor– theory and practice
  5. Active phases of labor – theory and practice
  6. Transition phase of labor – theory and practice
  7. Second stage of birth – theory and practice
  8. Common medical interventions in labor 1
  9. Common medical interventions in labor 2
  10. The medicalization of birth- past and present
  11. Relationship in labor and delivery
  12. The baby in birth and throughout the postnatal period
  13. The mother in postpartum period
  14. Breastfeeding basics
  15. Establishing the birth coach practice

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