The Bay Area Doula Training is my second doula training course and I am so pleased that I invested in it.  From my point of view, there were various components that appealed to my learning style:

1. The format of the class.  The learning program offers video lessons to watch at home, study guides, meeting every two weeks to discuss materials, review important topics, and practice hands-on techniques. It is a very comprehensive base to get you started as a doula.  I feel so confident in my practice.
2. The partnership with BAM ( Bay Area Midwives) which allows for hands-on training in the field.
3. A mentor for life, Neri Choma.  She is accessible and approachable.  I really connected with her teaching style- guiding us the students to ask questions.
4. The Birth Coach Method- As a former student-athlete, I was really drawn to incorporating coaching principles into birth.  For me, it just makes sense. I can relate.  The Birth Coach Method offers very useful principles for interacting with clients and other caregivers that make up the birthing team. Good luck with your doula journey!

Stephanie Sheldon

Birth Doula and Coach, Certified Jan 2018


Neri’s doula training is most comprehensive and professional. At the same time, Neri makes sure to teach in a very tangible way that helped me feel ready to practice from the first birth I attended. Having practical hands-on hours when taking shifts at El Camino Los Gatos hospital and working with the midwives instilled confidence in me. I felt very supported as a student in this program. One very unique benefit of this program is the Coaching tools for childbirth developed by Neri Life-Choma.
I feel so ready to launch my career as a birth doula. I highly recommend this training

Merav Greenberg, Certified Jan. 2018


Excellent training. I enjoyed the program, Neri is an entertaining and knowledgeable teacher.
When we started working on live births I was able to jump right in with confidence. Thank you Neri!

Julie Williams, Certified, July 2017


The Birth Coach Method was the perfect tool to answer my doula calling.  Compared to other doula programs, I think that the Birth Coach Method is extremely thorough and offers a lot of value. I enjoyed the good balance between the theoretical part and the practical sections. Neri delivers the right amount of information and all the examples she brings up kept me very interested. Also, I felt like I was studying with a friend thanks to her warm voice, her encouragements, and the added tips and tricks that she shares from her extensive experience. Now that I have started my birth coach practice, I came to realize how precious the coaching tools are. As a birth coach/doula I often rely on them to get to know my clients better or to navigate through sensitive situations, whether it is during the prenatal sessions or during birth.

Beyond what is offered in the program, Neri’s knowledge, kindness, and availability made it so worth it. As I progressed through the program, I realized that this experience was so much more than just taking a class, to me it was a real-life transformative journey.

Myriam Chaouki

Birth Coach Method Certified, Nov. 2014


When I decided I wanted to be a doula, I researched different training programs.  I ultimately decided on the Birth Coach Method because of how extensive it was.  I loved being able to take the time each evening to listen to the lessons, answer questions from my study guide, and really let the information soak in.  I valued the coaching sessions I had with Neri where I could put my knowledge to the test and apply the information to real-life scenarios.  I know that I would not have the confidence and success in my business with just a 2-4 day training.  If you’re looking for an amazing, extensive, comprehensive program, then the Birth Coach Method is the choice for you.

Carrey Ward 

Birth Coach Method Certified, Dec. 2014



Neri’s doula training is most comprehensive and professional. At the same time, Neri makes sure to teach in a very tangible way that helped me feel ready to practice from the first birth I attended. Having practical hands-on hours when taking shifts at El Camino Los Gatos hospital and working with the midwives instilled confidence in me. I felt very supported as a student in this program. One very unique benefit of this program is the Coaching tools for childbirth developed by Neri Life-Choma.
I feel so ready to launch my career as a birth doula. I highly recommend this training. 

Merav Greenberg,

Birth Coach Method Certified August 2017



I definitely hope to go back through all the contact and take notes before my time expires.  This is very detailed, very helpful information you have shared.  Your willingness to break it down and share with doulas who’ve already trained is a huge gift to the birth worker community.  Honestly, I think you could easily time 3 or 4 times as much for your Complete Tools Kit.  This is more specific and advanced than what most doulas probably get from the workshops.  I have only attended a childbirth educator workshop, so I know I am not an expert, but from the schedules I have looked at I can see that you have included more specific advanced information.
Thank you so much.  I have learned so much from you.  I did order the DVD as well.  I already know it is excellent from the other work of yours that I have seen.
May you and your family have a very enjoyable holiday season!  Thanks so much for your quick help! =)
S. M, Doula, Coaching Tools Kit Review, December 2014

Hi Neri,
Thank you for checking on my order.  I did receive the DVD as expected.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a comprehensive active birth DVD.  I’ve already watched the DVD one time and look forward to having my husband watch it with me again.  This will be my third child and I did not have the opportunity to take any birthing classes with my first two (strict bed-rest).

Thanks again,
Melissa, Amazon Buyer, December 2014


Thank you Neri for creating such a wonderful DVD for all the expectant moms. Consolidated Information like this is very hard to find in one place. Me and my husband watched the DVD and absolutely loved it! This is something I would be using soon during my labor and childbirth in the next few weeks.

Neri’s deep understanding of childbirth is evident from the material she has provided in her DVD for expectant parents.

And, The best part about the DVD is that it talks about each phase of labor including what to expect, techniques, positions and massages to use. Very handy for mother and the birth partner as they can just follow the instructions without getting panicked.

I wish I had found your DVD during my first child birth but I would definitely recommend this DVD to all the expectant moms now.

Geeta Verma, Amazon Buyer


Neri Choma has had a long association with Blossom Birth Services in Palo Alto. From 2004-2006 she served as the Director of Blossom Birth a nonprofit resource center for expectant and new families. She continued to be involved with Blossom from 2006 to  2011 as a birth educator.

Neri is very passionate and experienced childbirth educator. She is excellent at coaching women and their partners in preparing themselves for a natural birth with limited medical interventions. She can instill confidence and help women navigate the maternal care system to support them in their birth preferences.

Neri has also supported the larger birth community in the Bay Area, offering professional development opportunities for doulas to expand their horizons explore new areas and learn from each other. She has been a mentor for many in the area.   I wish Neri all the very best as she continues her life journey and thank her for her commitment and service to hundreds of birthing women over the years.

Mora Oommen,

Executive Director of Blossom Birth Palo Alto, CA


Neri served as Director of Blossom Birth when I was an instructor there. She served the organization and its contractors with fairness and conservative abundant spirit that Blossom thrived from.

As a childbirth educator, I am inspired by Neri’s experience, passion and expertise that show through as she instructs and empowers parents in her classes. I am continually hearing good reviews on Neri’s classes from parents I work with in different capacities.

Neri thrives as an instructor, sharing her experience and expertise as she guides and mentors new doulas into the field of supporting parents preparing for birth. The community is blessed to have her as an instructor and doula mentor.

Through my years of work with the birth community in lots of different capacities, it is not rare to find someone with passion about supporting parents, but it IS a rarity to have the chance to work with a confident, courageous and caring individual such as Neri.

Her work and spirit is an inspiration to others, and to the voice of change within our current birth culture.

Mendy Thijssen

Doula, Childbirth Mentor, Mountain View, CA


I recently completed my doula training with Neri.  What a phenomenal experience!  Not only do I feel well prepared and confident to assist in births, I feel well supported in launching my doula practice.  Neri has an impressive background of teaching birth education and personal experience as a doula…she has seen it all!  Her approach is very personable yet professional.  She is insightful, fun and enthusiastic about life and natural birth.  As an experienced life coach, Neri was able to provide personal coaching during class which helped us each to overcome any concerns and develop our own style. Neri goes above and beyond for her students.  As an instructor, she demonstrates her commitment to her students’ success with frequent communication, post certification follow-up and assistance with networking.  Because Neri is so well known in the birthing community, her reputation adds credibility to her student’s certification.  I’ve been told by many birthing practitioners that they enjoy working with graduates of Neri’s program because they are so well prepared and professional.  Additionally, her passion for supporting women and natural, safe births inspires her to continuously seek new resources and information which she generously shares with her students.

I really shopped around before choosing this program.  I have met graduates of DONA who don’t feel well prepared to step into the role of the doula.  I’m shocked by the amount of hands-on experience I received in my training with Neri compared to some other certification programs.  We spent DAYS reviewing and practicing various positions and techniques to support laboring moms and their partners. Being a doula is a hands-on job, literally.  Studying in a book would not have left me feeling half as confident as I did when I graduated from Neri’s program.  In addition to birthing support techniques, her class covers a broad spectrum of topics such as medical interventions, stages of labor, the anatomy and physiology of birth, breast feeding, pathologies of pregnancy, the business of being a doula, how to work with medical staff, and many, many tricks she has learned from the hundreds of births that she has assisted.

I’m so grateful for having been introduced to her and for having the experience of being taught by her.  If you are serious about becoming a doula, Neri’s program is the best investment you can make!

Dana Giggey, MHA, Lic.Ac.


Neri is the doulas’ doula: always available to support and encourage, with wisdom and compassion. This is true throughout the extensive training and long after getting the certification. The doula training course covers all aspects of what a doula training course should cover, including both theory and practice of labor and birth support, anatomy, possible medical interventions and postpartum. A large focus of the training is the hands-on tools needed to support families during labor and birth. Neri has an amazing passion for what she does and transmits this to her students along with her wealth of knowledge and experience. She manages to be thorough in teaching while taking the time to make it personal. I feel both wise and very fortunate for choosing the doula training course Neri teaches.

Renee Ben- David, Early childhood teacher, CD


Dear Neri,

 “The mediocre teacher tells.

The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates.

The great teacher inspires.”

                      (William Arthur Ward )

Thank you for being you, and for your endless giving.


Dorit Shindler, CD


Dear Neri,
Thank you so much for a wonderful, professional and comprehensive course.
I feel that during this course I’ve not only learned a lot, but I also went through some kind of transformation: This course and your guidance allowed me to process and understand my birth experiences.

I cheer for your professionalism, your knowledge, your persistence
and most of all for your dedication for the cause in which I strongly believe: restoring the power of birth to the mothers.

Thanks for being my teacher.
Wishing you all the best,

Tali Levi, CD