Doulas Reviewing The Art of Coaching for Childbirth Workshop

The Art of Coaching for Childbirth live workshop  is approved for DONA International continuing education contact hours (7.5).  There is no bigger honor than being valued and appreciated by my colleagues – my doula sisters.  Please click here to read more about this wonderful and eye-opening workshop, and contact me to bring this workshop to you area:

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 “I took Neri’s workshop because I was getting disheartened when couples would tell me prenatally that the wanted an unmedicated labor, or to go “as natural as possible” and then despite all the time I spent with them offering resources, giving information, listening to their birth goals and making a birth plan, things often went astray. It made me feel like I had failed as their doula. I know it’s not my birth, but I couldn’t help but wonder if there actually was a way to help mamas remember what they originally wanted before they went into labor, and how could I help them stay committed while staying within my scope of practice and keeping the doctors and nurses happy as well?  Birth Coach Method is the answer to this disconnect that we experience as doulas, and I truly believe (and have already experienced) mothers will feel more empowered in their choices and develop the commitment and motivation that it takes to remember why they hired me to have support in their unmedicated, unhindered birth in the first place! I am now feeling empowered, renewed and excited to practice coaching couples for birth in a new way and I know it is going to make for happier, healthier and more satisfied mamas and babies.

Ashley Shea, Organic Birth Santa Cruz

‘I will admit I was a little intimidated by all the wisdom in the room for the course of yesterday, but it was really amazing to be held in the same hands as some of the women that have been doing this for years! I am very grateful for how embracing the community and YOU are to Doulas that come from all walks of life.
Not only was this course really informative, especially in the subject line of what a lot of doulas seemed to glance over, The Art of Coaching, but it was engaging and never a dull moment … you were totally on top of it! Giving us the right amount of exercises that made the role play come easy and fun! The handouts weren’t overwhelming and the fact that you give us the power point after, so we can engage in listening to what you have to say versus taking notes, is so appreciated.
Not only have I been looking forward to the course but I have been a big fan of yours for the last few months! Looking into your webinars, downloading and highlighting your power points, even using your affirmation script for birth coaches in massage practicing.
The Art of Coaching was the cherry on top of my 2015 and I am happy to say that the tools that I was able to learn from you have already been taken advantage of. I was able to look at my new client right in her eyes with confidence,  and tell her that I was there with her to coach and learn with her thanks to the information that I learned through The Art of Coaching. I can not wait to see what  the rest of my professional career has in store with the coaching tools that I will now carry close to my heart. I also believe these are tools I’ll be able to use in any coaching situation; family, friends, mothers, partners. Communication is key.
Thank you so much for giving the Santa Cruz county such a vital communication tool to bring to the Doula table.
Sylvia Rubio,  Birth Doula, Santa Cruz CA

 ‘ Last week I attended Neri Choma’s  FULL day workshop – The Art of Coaching for Childbirth. The next day, while meeting with a new couple, I already had the opportunity to use some of these new coaching tools. Instead of talking and telling about myself and what I could do for them as a doula,  I was so much more attentive; asking questions to not only get to know them and make rapport, but to help them clarify what they want and why do they want it.  This was just our first meeting and I’m looking forward to using so much more of what we learned to help families have more satisfying birth. As suggested by Neri,  I’ve also been using some of these tools at home with my own family. I’m incorporating a different mindset that will be beneficial in so many of my daily communications and relationships.”

Renee Ben David, Birth Doula, Cupertino, CA

 ‘It was really refreshing to learn about this new way of solving common doula dilemmas.  By seeing myself as a labor coach, I feel more focused on the woman’s wishes for her birth, have a very easy time staying within my scope of practice, and offering nonjudgmental support. Neri has a way of clarifying the role of the birth doula in a way that respects the entire birth team.  I recommend this workshop to all doulas, beginners or experienced, because with the tools she teaches, my job is easier….

“…“I asked my most talkative, well-researched client about what she was giving up in order to have an unmediated birth, and she was speechless! We explored her birth from a new angle. It was great! She soon went back to her big fear of battling with hospital staff. She believes she is giving up a smooth interaction with them. Then we worked on strategies for that, many inspired by your workshop.”

Ellen LaVoie, Certified Doula, Redwood City, CA

“Neri’s class has given me a new set of tools to better identify my clients true wishes for birth. I also feel better able to address the underlying fears or concerns of the women I serve. And although I have already been trying to approach my relationships with my clients and their care team from a position of curiosity, Neri’s course has given me the language and structure to do so more effectively and as a result I feel better equipped to handle what ever comes my way. Thank you Neri!”

Fabienne Greenberg, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Redwood City, CA

“As Doulas, we are accountable for the quality of our clients’ birth experience. How do you ensure that we provide them with the best experience possible if we don’t know what they need and especially why they need it? The Art of Coaching for Childbirth workshop allowed me to gain valuable tools through various exercises and discussions that not only now enable me to know my clients better and lead them,  but also help me establish a relationship based on trust. I am now much more equipped to coach them prenatally, through medical interventions, and through closure at the postpartum visit. I highly recommend this workshop to every doula out there as it is a very valuable addition to a birth doula certification. Neri’s delivery of the workshop is very interesting, interactive, and thought provoking.

Myriam Chaouki, birth and postpartum doula, birth coach,  San Jose